Jumbo Renovation Loan

What is a Jumbo Renovation Loan?

Conventional loans let us lend you up to an annual conforming loan limit for your county. A Jumbo Renovation Loan can be up to $2 million, which can be necessary with costs going up in many communities*. Let us help as you buy and renovate your dream home.

Already have a renovated property? Allow us to refinance your loan as interest rates decrease. Your payments and the total amount of interest paid can be greatly reduced.

*Loan limits change annually please contact us for updated information.

How It Works

  1. Contact us to get started and to be pre-approved.
  2. Find your new home or refinance your current property.
  3. Our construction consultant will inspect the home to outline repairs for general contractors to bid on.
  4. When you’ve selected a contractor, we’ll make sure they’re up to the job.
  5. The property is appraised for its “After Renovated Value” (ARV).
  6. We will process and underwrite your loan application.
  7. The loan is closed, and your renovation work begins!

Contact us to talk about whether a Jumbo Renovation Loan is right for you.

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